Founded in 1988 with the acquisition of the «Pelican (1956)» as a springboard, Les éditions du Septentrion now has more than 700 active titles in its catalogue. Several awards of excellence have been awarded to his various works: the Governor General’s Literary Award, the Gutenberg Prize, the Richard Arès Prize, the Académie de la Marine Prize, the Prix France-Amérique, the Hubert Reeves Prize, etc.

Éditions du Septentrion is primarily a publishing house specializing in history, although it is also interested in the humanities in general. Hence titles in archaeology, political science, ethnography, etc. She has also published some literary works, especially historical novels.

Submissions also receive special attention. Thus, the memories of the military rub shoulders with those of political figures, doctors, notaries, etc. The stories of families occupy a good place and join our interest in Amerindians, Jews and the question of populations in general.

Finally, scholarly books alternate with “beautiful books” and popular works. In this regard, one of their great successes remains the five volumes of Jacques Lacoursière’s Histoire populaire du Québec.