For EXMURO, public art is an arena where free experimentation and expression can counterbalance the utilitarian forces of routine that govern so much of the urban experience. By integrating artwork into the built environment of structures whose purpose is primarily functional, public art opens up the possibility of generating new and exciting encounters that break out of traditional molds, subvert clichés and resist standardization. Driven by this vision, EXMURO pursues the following objectives:

Bring more art into public spaces;
Foster closer ties between artists and the public;
Promote the work of emerging and established Canadian artists on a large scale;
Create new settings for artistic creation;
Spark reflection on topical social issues;
Make street furniture and public spaces into universally accessible dissemination spaces.

Since its foundation in 2007, EXMURO has never stopped exploring new avenues for presenting public art in urban environments. Through a diverse range of projects, we continually strive to enrich the breadth of programming available by taking art to the general population, creating encounters in wide-ranging public and private spaces, raising questions and sparking dialogue.